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To date, we can not imagine our life without photo and video shooting. Each of us tries to capture the brightest moments of our lives on electronic media as much as possible.

We trust professionals to capture especially important events. In this article, we will talk about new trends in professional photo and video shooting, namely VR video and 360-degree panoramic shooting.

The technology of shooting in 360 and VR format appeared not so long ago and has already conquered the market. It demonstrates in all colors the modern possibilities of the photo and video industry on the site This type of shooting is radically different from that. What was offered to the audience earlier. Let's take a closer look at this area of the modern media industry.

VR is an abbreviation of "Virtual reality" (virtual reality). This type of shooting gives you the opportunity to be in absolutely any place that you choose, and completely immerses the viewer in the world of virtual reality, gives you the opportunity to feel like the main character. Such videos are widely in demand for the development of various types of business (creating various presentations, advertising and travel videos, and much more). Their advantage is that when you create them, there are absolutely no restrictions, you can implement any of your "crazy" ideas in them.

There are several ways to create VR shooting: static video and video in motion, as well as aerial photography.

360-degree panoramic shooting – high-quality shooting, not limited to capturing the lens, allows you to see all the details that interest the viewer. This type of shooting has become widespread, it is used for subject and interior photography, during events of various kinds, and much more.

Specialized equipment used when shooting in 360 and VR format, and viewing the resulting material, allowed to eliminate all distortions, and the ability to zoom, stop and scroll such photos and videos makes it possible to view the image in all its details and adds a special unique "highlight"to it.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize all the strengths of the considered shooting technologies:

1. Relevance (uses all the modern possibilities of the media industry);

2. Realistic (allows you to be in the center of events);

3. Visibility;

4. Economy (yes, yes, it is economy! Despite the relatively expensive cost of shooting, you will be able to recoup it in the shortest possible time, thanks to a large influx of new customers).

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